Planetary Stick Incense
The origin of the word Planet is a Greek term
which translates as wandering star.

The Sun represents your will or life force. It is the conscious, extroverted, positive, male side of yourself. It celebrates life energy.
Named after Sol or Helios (also associated with Apollo)

Mercury represents the intellectual part of your personality and mind. It celebrates communication and day to day activity and learning.
Named after Mercurius or Hermes (Messenger of the gods)

The Earth represents emotional and physical security. It is our Mother, and celebrates the soil where we were formed.

The Moon represents the emotional side of your existance. It is the unconscious, introverted, reflective element and celebrates the female co-equal partner of your Sun.
Named after Luna or Hecate (also associated with Diana)

Venus represents the ability to relate to others and the nature of desire. It celebrates close partnerships and also marriage.
Named after Venus or Aphrodite (goddess of Love and Beauty)

Mars represents our active energy and the way we go out and get what we want. It celebrates the way we are as individuals and our many faces we use to succeed.
Named after Mars or Ares (god of War)

Jupiter represents the urge to expand without limits, filling the Universe and filling your world. It celebrates nourishment, knowledge and wealth.
Named after Jupiter (Jove), or Zeus (King of gods)

Saturn is often paired with Jupiter. Saturn helps us focus and define limits and celebrates control, so we don't expand without limits into the negative.
Named after Saturn or Kronos (god of Time)

Uranus celebrates the process of becoming an individual, which can manifest itself as independence, rebellion, revolution or eccentricity.
Named after Uranus or Ouranos (god of Sky)

Neptune represents the spiritual or mystical side of ourselves. It is the sensitive planet. It celebrates illusions, spirituality, wild and dreamy thinking. Well loved by performers.
Named after Neptune or Poseidon (god of the Sea)

Pluto represents deep (and often hidden) forces, changes and transformations. It celebrates a deep understanding of the changing human mind.
Named after Pluto or Hades (god of Underworld)