Thank you so much to people who take time out to write me, it means a lot and I truly love and appreciate it!

I burned one of your incense sticks I bought at FaerieCon. GREAT stuff! I've tried a lot of different kinds of incense over the years, and yours is really high quality. It's slow-burning and the ash is dark and very compact. The scent is fantastic.
Ana IL

Well i just lit up your incense stick:D
first off,VERY COOL,wonderful visual aesthetic.
The aroma is a delight,very warm and spicy, but not overpowering.
The smell reminds me of this handmade incense i got in salem, mass. at
laurie cabot's witchy store,many moons ago.
Thank you christian
Eddie NJ

Hello Christian...:o}
Finally I find the time to open your sweet package and unwrap another piece of Christian's art...
The senses that were encaptured by the appearance & the scent at one time, brought enduring pictures to mind of The Cat in Alice in Wonderland and the scent took me back to days of Grace Slick and White Rabbit...I enjoyed it...Thank you, for in my stress filled days of late, I needed that...
I almost didn't wantta burn it...I looked at it and enjoyed the scent of the stick on my desk even before putting an ember to it...:o}...
Another Creatively Mastered Job Well Done by Christian...Your talents never cease to amaze me and I hope they never stop....:o}...And that's No Bull...:o}
Well It's time for nite nite...
Nite Nite & Thank you
Colleen NC

I got it and tried it last night. And I really enjoyed it!
Are you going to be selling online? Once things are set up, I'd like to mention it on my blog.
Emma NJ

Hi! I did get it! Thanks! It came pretty fast actually and I've already used up four or five of them! They smell nice.
Maria Honduras

Hi there. Thank you so much for the amazing smelling eponymous incense! Hoping it's a big big seller of course! Love the packaging. The holder is beautiful and I'm delighted that for the first time ever I won't be dangling an incense stick over the kitchen sink! Can't wait to fire one up tonight. Will let you know how it goes:) Thank you again. xx
Hi there. You make some wonderful "not overwhelming" incense! "May Song" enchanted me and quite possibly all who've walked thru my floors hallway the last couple days. Look forward to getting to know the line. Hmm, Little Summer Dress, how delightful and seasonal:)
Thank you again!
xx Aaron NY

hey Christian,
I was just thinking of you, as I finally unpacked the bag from faeriecon that had your incense in it! Yum! i had one going in every room of my house and now the place smells wonderful!
faery blessings,

From Malan Breton's Fashion and Style Guide GlaMalan:
Ember Heart introduces a collection of handmade home scents...
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Malan Breton