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NOTE If you did not buy my incense from this website or from FaerieCon I do not approve of or support the product and you buy at your own risk. Recently discarded old stock was taken after it had been thrown away, it was unsold stock from a year ago made for a convention. I do not sell old stock and make fresh batches. Do not buy it unless you buy incense from me or this website.
C Merry

Holiday Themed Blends

Click the photo for my new holiday blend Gingerbread Snow!

A very special blend, Obama's Blossoms

In honor of the historic Presidential Election.
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Fashion Scents, Aromatic Couture
Stick Incense

My Stick Incense Blends
These are my unique non-planet non-zodiac blends.

Planet Blends
Stick Incense

Zodiac Blends
Stick Incense

Master List
All Stick Incense Blends

FaerieCon 2008 table
Personal Incense Blends
Custom Stick Incense available to everybody

Incense Accessories
Colored and Iridescent Art Glass Incense Burners
Classic and Ornamented, hand made and one of a kind.

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$5.00 each. Incense is packaged 10 sticks per package and is not made in advance, only as it is ordered. Proper drying time is 48 hours. These are unique blends you will not get anywhere else.

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